How'd You Do That?
Meet The Magicians
James Mattox Tom Krzystof Mathew Whitehead Lochlan Masters Cliff Wollin Matt Vorhees
JamesTomMatthew LochlanCliffMattCoppa

James Mattox James Mattox

James is 29 years old and has three years of experience doing magic. Born and raised in Madison, James's childhood interest in magic was sparked by the annual David Copperfield television specials. A few years ago, James had the opportunity to be on stage during one of Copperfield's live performances in Madison. With a wave of David's hands, James magically "went missing" along with 12 other audience members. After the show, James met David and received an autographed photo that is now on display at the magic shop.

In his alternate life, James is an airline pilot for Bombardier FlexJet and (earlier) Independence Air.
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Tom Krzystof Tom Krzystof
Magical theatrics

Tom has over 30 years of experience in magic and has been performing professionally since he was 21. Today, Tom is a full time magician specializing in theatrics and sleight of hand artistry. He performs regularly at corporate events and is president of Madison's chapter of The International Brotherhood of Magicians. Tom is the creator of several magic effects and is authoring instructional DVDs on close-up magic. To book an event with Tom, visit his website, call him at 608-438-2115, or send him an email.

Mathew Whitehead Matthew Whitehead
Card, coin, and comedy magic

Matthew is 22 years old and is originally from New Mexico. His interest in magic began at the age of 13 when he saw a street performer. Matthew has been a student of magic ever since, and is now skilled in both card and coin magic. Matthew does private shows (specializing in comedy magic and kid shows) and is also available for corporate events.

Matthew is also very involved in music, and has a Bob Marley influenced rap album due out this summer.

Lochlan Masters Lochlan Masters
Magic and balloons

"Hi! I've been mashing balloons into semi-recognizable shapes for over 10 years. I use mostly 260s and enjoy single and multi-balloon sculptures." Madison area Smoke-free Balloon Jam

Cliff Wollin Cliff Wollin
Magic and mentalism

Cliff is originally from Madison, and began learning magic at the age of 25 after visiting a magic shop in Chicago. He specializes in card magic and mentalism. Cliff performs for corporate events under his stage name "Gregory."

Cliff is a full-time employment counselor for the State of Wisconsin.

Matt Vorhees Matt Vorhees
Card magic and props

Matt is 15 years old and currently attends Lakeside Lutheran High School. Matt has been doing magic since he was 11 years old. His interest began while attending an acting camp where one of his counselors showed him a few card tricks. Matt has been learning magic ever since and is skilled in cards and props such as the "Hot Rod."

Matt has also been acting for the past seven years.